Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interview with Coaches Jay & Karmen (Shorter College)

AP: We're interviewing Jay & Karmen Stephenson, husband and wife XC & Track coaches at Shorter College and ALTITUDE Project counselors. We are thrilled to be having them back for the Summer 2008 Camp!

AP: Give us the running highlights of the Shorter Team this year.

Jay: The Shorter Hawks Men's team finished 24th this year in Cross, 20th indoor, and 10th at Outdoor. The Shorter Hawks Women's team finished 3rd at Region, 22 indoor, and 15th at Outdoor.

AP: Specifically, how did some of the past ALTITUDE Project participants do this year...

Jay: Here's the run down ...

  • Amy Worthy (Amy Worthy ran a XC PR of 20:05. She then took a semester off from school to figure some things out. Amy will be rejoining the team this next year and she will be back at camp this summer. Praise God!)
  • Marc Burgess (Ran PR's for the 800-2:04, 3kSteeple 9:43, 5k 15:51)
  • Jared Carson (Ran His first race in 2008, 5k-15:46 and is excited that he is healthy)
  • Josh Carson (Helped the hawks go 1-4 at the Region Cross Country meet)
  • Dustin Mitchell (Had a solid cross season)
  • Jared Godsave (Ran PR's for 1500m-3:56, 5k-15:24, Finished 11th at NAIA Nationals in the 1500m)
  • Allen O'Neal (Ran on the 4X400m team at Nationals)

AP: You're bringing another good group of Shorter folks to the ALTITUDE Project this year. Tell us who they are and a little about them.

Jay: Let's see . . .

  • Andrew Fuller ("Fuller Time" is from Seattle Washington. He is a great dance teacher...salsa...break dancing...Hip-Hop...Pop...I have learned a few moves. I recomend a salsa night at Camp this year... PR's 1500-3:48, 5k-14:37, 3kSC-9:09)
  • Jared Carson (Jared is mostly a player, not really I just said that becasue I knew he would like it. Jared is an easy going person who is a natural leader...PR's 5k 15:24)
  • Josh Carson (Josh is a very fun person to be around. He knows running stats better than I do, but I can get him once and a while...PR's 4miles 21:30...8k 26:48 or 25:53 on a short course, so take your pick)
  • Kaitlin Shaw (Kaitlin is a very hard worker who's efforts will pay off soon...She survived a wreck this summer by the Grace of God...Also she is a true southern girl :-)
  • Justyna Mudy (Justyna Mudy is from Poland...She is very funny and fast...She will teach you the best drills you have ever done if you ask...PR's 5k 16:42, 1500 4:33, 10k 34:50)
  • Martin Hernandez (Martin is very commited and professional in his approach to running and dressing...He just PR'd in the Marathon at NAIA Nationals running 2:31:37 for 8th place)

AP: How is your running coming along? Are either of you still training or racing competitively?

Karmen: I ran 43:10 for 10k this spring, which was close to her PR from college. She is now on a bit of a break, just running some easy miles. Plans to get back into full swing in a couple of weeks.

Jay: I had a few bumps in the road this year, but my passion to get faster and run for God has never been stronger. This year I ran 8:28 for 3k, 9:12 for the Steeple.

AP: I know God has been doing some mighty things on your team. Could you share a few things with us?

Karmen: We finally have some upper classmen leadership. In a time/culture where many sinful ideas are acceptable, we are blessed to have some Christain men and women to lead the teams.

Jay: Jerad Godsave who is taking summer classes this year will be back in Mammoth next year. He Gave his life to Jesus in the Winter of this year. God has definately been at work at Shorter in my life reminding me that the true rewards in coaching come when God open's the eyes of men and women and we get to see true grace.

AP: What are some of the tougher lessons God has taught you and your team this year?

Karmen: That injuries happen, and life's choices can be tough to make.

Jay: Patience and trusting in God are more valuable than anything else.

AP: I know you two are huge ALTITUDE Project fans! Tell us a few things that you are looking forward to this summer.

Karmen: I love the running locations, the food, the friendships, the time with the Lord, the occasional bear at our cookouts...too bad I won't be able to enjoy all of those things this year. I have to be at new teacher orientation on July 23.

Jay: My favorite thing is hanging out with atheltes after a successful workout and talking about how awesome God made mammoth.

AP: Last question - if you (Jay) were in a boxing match and had to fight either Greg or Avery, who would it be and why?

Jay: I would fight Avery but I would watch out for his reach...his arms are like 12 feet long...If I fought Jimmers I think he would do the Jimmers dance as a warm up and then I would be laughing too hard to fight...

AP: Thanks for chatting with us! If you wanna hang out with Jay & Karmen, come to the Altitude Project Camp this summer - they'll be there chillin' with the rest of us.

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